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No Compromise!

By The Lily Pond hand-crafts & purveys luxurious premium skincare products.

And, we do so with a strong commitment to social responsibility & environmental sustainability.

Only the best of ingredients

  • All carrier oils and butters, essential oils & beeswax are certified organic.
  • All essential oils are “therapeutic-grade”, aka, purest, highest-quality grade.
  • Carrier butters are from fair-trade sources whenever possible.
  • Vitamin E is 100% natural & produced from GMO-free soybeans.
  • Glycerin is palm-oil free and certified organic.
  • Synthetic ingredients* are used only when absolutely required (e.g., in recipes that contain distilled water) & are Ecocert and COSMOS validated & thus approved for use in ecological and organic certified cosmetics.

Emulsifier O (cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate) & Geogard 221 (benzyl alcohol & dehydroacetic acid)

(NB: On very rare occasions, due to availability, we may temporarily substitute a non-organic-certified essential oil. Please check the ingredients tab on the product page before ordering. That information will always be correct for the current batch.)

All By The Lily Pond products are either vegan or vegetarian (i.e., when they contain beeswax) and cruelty-free.

Simplicity is key

  • All By The Lily Pond products are hand-crafted with love & care in small batches.
  • Short ingredients lists make for maximum goodness! No unnecessary additives, such as fragrances, colours or petroleum-derived chemicals and such. All that’s in your product has been selected carefully and is there for a good reason.
  • Labels, tags & some such all handcrafted using domestic office supplies.
  • All design work done in-house by Lily herself.


Image: Image from page 101 of “When mother lets us cook; a book of simple receipts for little folk, with important cooking rules in rhyme” (1908); Source: Internet Archive Book Images

Product packaging

  • Water-based moisturisers come in amber-coloured 65 ml glass cosmetic jars.
  • Balms and liniments come in 15 ml clear glass jars.
  • Lids are made of ABS plastic (code 7) . (We would love to find a more sustainable solution for the lids. Do you have any suggestions?)
  • Lip balms come in kraft cardboard tubes with a grease-proof paper layer on the inside. They can be recycled or home-composted. (Please do not dispose of into the “green bin” or local equivalent. Compostable packaging does not contain nutrients like food scraps do and therefore commercial composters cannot accept these materials for producing useable compost. If you have a well functioning home-composting system you can choose to add these kinds of packaging to it to be biodegraded. Otherwise, please dispose of in the recycle bin. Thank you!)
  • Labels & tags are made of 100% recycled or FSC-certified paper.
  • Solid moisturisers are packaged in biodegradable, flat, 20 x 16cm, 35gsm brown paper bags made from 100% virgin wood pulp fibres and closed with a Kraft-paper sticker.

Please reuse or recycle!

We are currently working on implementing a return & refund system for the glass containers for reuse by us.

Shipment packaging

  • Orders are packaged in DLE-sized (13.5 x 20 cm) paper courier bags made from recycled and FSC certified paper, which can be reused, recycled or home composted.
  • To protect the glassware, jars are wrapped in Geami WrapPak, made from die-cut kraft paper (basically, a kraft-paper based alternative to bubblewrap).


And did we mention...

By The Lily Pond is woman founded, owned and operated.

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