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By The Lily Pond – CoViD-19 Response Policy

Last updated: 13 Feb 2022

By The Lily Pond produces hand-crafted products for use on your skin. This means that we are very conscious of our responsibility to keep our products safe and free of harmful germs. Our usual policy is to follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) at all times, which means we apply the same hygiene standards to our manufacturing and handling of products and their raw materials as is required of businesses that prepare food. We do so with extra vigilance in these times of CoViD-19.

Here is some information you may wish to know about, to give you confidence that By The Lily Pond products are safe to bring into your house and to be used by yourself and your loved ones.

Our Bubble

By The Lily Pond is a home-operating business. Both in our personal lives and By The Lily Pond, we strictly follow the guidelines provided by our government:

Our bubble is extremely small (two triple-vaccinated adults and two cats) and very tight. Even at lower Alert levels, we tend to only leave the bubble for essential activities (i.e., almost exclusively for grocery shopping and, not currently but hopefully soon again, to attend markets). We both (the humans, that is) have a background in science and are very socially conscious. We observe all physical (a.k.a. social) distancing requirements conscientiously. Once we re-enter the bubble, we unpack all the things carefully with frequent hand-washing, or if possible let them rest in the garage for an appropriate time before bringing them into the house proper. We finish by having showers and laundering our “outside clothes” straight away.

Receiving deliveries from our suppliers or sending out your orders is completely contactless.

Manufacturing Our Products

Because we hand-craft products that are for use on people’s skin, we find it safest to apply the same standards of hygiene standards to our manufacturing processes as food-preparation businesses. This means:

  • At all times, we maintain excellent personal hygiene, including frequent handwashing and removing ourselves from the manufacturing area before sneezing or coughing.
  • We keep all surfaces in the manufacturing area sanitised.
  • We keep all equipment sanitised.
  • We keep our bubble well-stocked with soap and easy access to a supply of clean towels.
  • We wear gloves and/or frequently wash our hands during the production process.
  • We wear cloth face masks when handling ingredients or product that has not yet been packaged, to minimise any chance of exposing them to airborne germs.
  • Should either of us ever show any signs of being unwell, however mild, we will instantly stop production and filling orders, and contact all customers who have recently ordered from us.


Handling and Shipping of Your Orders

Over the past year, we have learned a lot about this virus, including that it is much less likely to to catch the virus from touching surfaces than we had originally feared. However, it is still a possibility and we take that seriously.

We wear gloves while filling orders. Courier pick-ups are completely contactless. We have a covered table set up outside where we leave parcels in a large plastic storage box. (We are lucky to be living on a very secluded section.) We use only reputable courier services, such as NZCourierPost, and trust that they also adhere to best practices.

Nevertheless, because our parcels will come into contact with many surfaces and probably several people on their journeys from our bubble to yours, and since the virus can remain stable on surfaces for up to a few days, you should maintain caution on your end as well (see below).


Receiving Your Orders

When you receive your order from By The Lily Pond, please observe all necessary precautions.

Items inside the parcel should be clear as a result of our practices as described above. However, if you want to be extra-cautious and/or have vulnerable people in your bubble with you, we recommend storing the unopened parcel out of the way (in a cool place out of direct sunlight) and not touch it for a couple of days.

When receiving and unpacking your parcel:

  • Ensure that delivery by the courier is contactless.
  • After opening your parcel, safely dispose of outer packaging immediately or store it away from people until there is no chance of the virus surviving on it before reusing it. (While we encourage reusing of materials as part of our environmental ethos, please be extremely careful when reusing things that have entered your bubble recently.)
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds before handling inside packaging materials and our products.
  • Disinfect any surfaces that the outer packaging has come into contact with.
  • Wash your hands again after everything is done.


Delays In Receiving Your Orders

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak there may be significant delays for fulfilling orders.


During these times of Omicron, we have suspended our market appearances, because Lily is a vulnerable person. We hope that we can be back before too long, but it will be a careful decision. We neither want to risk our own health nor contribute to the spread of CoViD-19 by participating at crowded events.

Be safe, be social… at a distance. Follow the guidelines:
Kia kaha! We can do this together.


This policy supersedes our usual Terms & Conditions, in parts, as appropriate.

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